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The question infuriated Maluma: look how did he best porno abandon a live interview!

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Colombia withdrew from the study when, in the middle of a story he shared with another artist, the reporter inquired about a controversial own song.

Just Maluma felt the rigor jav interview Primer Impacto , program chain Univisión he did honor to his name, accused the coup and withdrew from the study after a wave of discomfort. At first glance, the question that sparked annoyance singer seemed innocent enough, but the Colombian warned that expatiate about the embark on a controversy.

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Amid a report that was developed with cordiality so far, the driver Tony Dandrades inquired " When you record four babys, So much controversy you expect? ". At that moment, Maluma grimaced, he took a pause and then emulated calling someone behind the camera. Seconds later, he said referring to the artist who shared the study: " I just think we came to do the interview at Pipe Peláez ".

Thus the journalist replied without going into more trouble, &quo…

Nicole Neumann began to mourn when best tits ever talking about his separation from Fabián Cubero

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The model that the player had not yet moved out of the family home, but could not help distressed shown on camera by this situation

Nicole Neumann (36) resumed bokep jav their work commitments, after his split with Fabián Cubero (38). On Wednesday night, the model reappeared in public, with a super sexy dress, at the official presentation of Western Porn Samsung Galaxy S8.

"It 's not easy, I am as I can , " said Mom Indiana (8), Allegra (6) and Siena (2) on the hard times being experienced. When asked if the football player was still asleep on the couch, he replied: " I still was not ... have a room with bathroom and everything where you can sleep.".


Businesswoman could not explain well why Poroto still lives under the same roof: " It 's all processed, but not yet was ....  The girls and went to see the department that is moving Dad".

Nicole Neumann (Veronica Guerman / Teleshow)

Then Nicole pointed out that his ex…

Sense8 beurette ends

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Sense8 suspense ended in the second season. And  fans were waiting for the third. Photo courtesy Netflix

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Netflix confirmed Thursday that jav free after two seasons, 23 chapters, 16 cities and 13 countries routes, "Sense8 history comes to an end".

Streaming service did not explain the reasons for ending this series was put on hold in the last chapter of the second season, but praised the plot which engaged a large group of fans worldwide.

"That's all we and the fans dreamed it would be: bold, emotional, amazing, incredible and completely unforgettable. has never been such a truly global show, with a cast and also international and diverse team, which is reflected in the deeply connected community of passionate fans around the world, "said Cindy Holland, VP of Original Content from Netflix.


Sense8 tells the story of eight characters living in different cities around the world and experience a vision that connect…