The question infuriated Maluma: look how did he best porno abandon a live interview!

Colombia withdrew from the study when, in the middle of a story he shared with another artist, the reporter inquired about a controversial own song.

Just Maluma felt the rigor jav interview Primer Impacto , program chain Univisión he did honor to his name, accused the coup and withdrew from the study after a wave of discomfort. At first glance, the question that sparked annoyance singer seemed innocent enough, but the Colombian warned that expatiate about the embark on a controversy.

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Amid a report that was developed with cordiality so far, the driver Tony Dandrades inquired " When you record four babys, So much controversy you expect? ". At that moment, Maluma grimaced, he took a pause and then emulated calling someone behind the camera. Seconds later, he said referring to the artist who shared the study: " I just think we came to do the interview at Pipe Peláez ".

Thus the journalist replied without going into more trouble, "Yes, but let's do a ping pong, right?". He then asked  Felipe Peláez : "What is your opinion about the trap?".

The question about the hit Maluma revolved around the scandal caused by the spread of theme Four babys in December, to the point that a columnist for the Huffington Post launched a campaign platform requests to be censored in Spain . Does your argument? "It 's quite an apology for violence against women are described as mere interchangeable and available in the service of unlimited sexual desire bodies."

So Maluma suggested to his colleague: "I think you should not respond." However, Pipe Pelaez did not hide his astonishment at the unusual situation experienced and apologized to the reporter about the incident, since he was the host of the note.

Hours later, the Colombian thought (his way) from Instagram : "Knight to any adversity."

What time ... What do you think Marcelo Tinelli Franco Masini, the new boyfriend of his daughter Cande?

few days ago we learned that Cande Tinelli was starting a relationship with the press. Nothing to hide. Faced with rumors, devoted loving messages on social networks and came together without fear of being discovered. The truth is that Marcelo already met his son What about him? Look!

Just recently we learned that Cande Tinelli and Franco Masini had initiated an unexpected romance. Far from hiding, they exchanged messages on social networks and even went out together without fear of being discovered. The thing is serious. So much so that there was already official presentation.

In Los Angeles in the morning , Marcelo Tinelli had already met Masini, Cande's new boyfriend. Angel De Brito reminded him: "You have new son ..." , but the driver Showmatch refused to label the newest member of the clan Tinelli: " It's a new boyfriend or someone who is to starting to come out with C ande".

Then she confessed how she hd jav dropped the young actor: "M and seems a divine, but do not make me talk about it , " he asked. It was then that De Brito took up the gauntlet: "Why, Cande challenges you?" And Tinelli confessed: "For all challenges me."

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