Dangerous samantha sin exercise can make you more weak

Everybody knows exercise is good for the body, enhancing the health, spiritual comfort, ... However, we often have a number of mistakes when exercise reduces efficiency, even harmful to health.
Exercise too soon:
The wake too early to exercise outdoors is not good. When you exercise at too early, the Sun was not yet up, the temperature is still low, full of mist are also covered very not good for the health of the body. Early Porn HD Free in the morning, low outdoor temperatures easy cause the body to meet sudden cold makes blood vessels shrink. Moreover, the fog is often very toxic to the body. Best exercise when the Sun has started to grow and have the reasonable adjustment according to the change of the weather of the season.
Exercise too late:

Many people have the habit of exercise before going to bed, but the actual exercise before going to bed will cause increased body temperature, the body bio rhythms being shuffled to make it difficult to sleep, sleep, deep sleep not dropouts. Therefore, it should not exercise or jog before going to bed.
Irregular exercise:
Do not exercise regularly will make training problems, body fatigue, excessive fat consumption, do not easily cause injury.

should the exercise when the Sun
Only exercise when the Sun, drink enough water, not tap when too hungry or too no. ..

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Regularly changing assignments:
Hard exercise but often "stands the mountain looks the other mountains" no persistence with with an exercise in a certain period of time to provide results for the body. Frequent changes of the exercises is also a way to renew and generate excitement in the workout. However, changing too many exercises in short time causing the body not adapting are stimulated in physical exercises. Therefore, the experts recommended that, if you have conducted physical exercises, you must stick with exercises for at least 8 weeks to it brings results.
Exercising too hard:
Treat symptoms sweating much in the limbs, head, forehead armpits, chest back ... confident in communicating and living 20 years of "suffering" with asthma, cough Phlegm, shortness of breath because of the unknown to the Hen Leaves
You with any sport fad that should you exercise too engrossed. Besides, some of you older because of the fear of weight gain should have been overtraining every day. Regardless of any reason, overtraining can cause many complications for the body such as muscle tension, fracture, fatigue, loss of appetite ... Health experts recommend that you should only physical activity for a maximum of 60 minutes a day.
Exercising while hungry:
Exercise will make you so hungry belly when dizziness, Vertigo, easy to faint. You can have a snack before exercise but noted after the exercise is completed you should not eat too no right, by so would not be good for the stomach.
Exercise after eating no:
When fed, the blood in the body will focus to the stomach and a number of other departments to perform functions of gastrointestinal absorption of nutrients into the body. However, if you exercise in biological rhythms at will cause the body's stabilization disturbance causes bloating, indigestion, diarrhea, cramping, abdominal pain, digestive food will make you very uncomfortable and didn't provide enough energy for the body to function. If this situation occurs in a long time will cause stomach ulcers and the parts of the digestive system is very dangerous. Therefore, please exercise at least two hours after eating to ensure health for the body.

Hazardous when exercising the wrong way


Exercise when sick:
Still try to exercise when you are suffering from fever or have unpleasant symptoms such as dry cough, sore throat, body fatigue, runny nose is very dangerous. If during this exercise can cause the body to lose water and take more time for the restoration of health. People with chronic diseases or dangerous diseases such as heart failure, asthma, you should consult your doctor before you plan to apply any exercise to avoid endangering health.
No additional water when the workout:
Set out the many sweat should need additional help to balance the amount of water lost, not dry cheeks chappy. Do not drink alcohol, have gas because will making semis muscles faster.
Distracted during a workout:
Many people have the habit of just the workout just texting, phone calls, even been thinking a job it will prevent you from being distracted during the workout, this can increase the risk of injury. So, according to many experts, to increase efficiency and reduce the risks of injury, we should concentrate on the exercises.
Cold water shower after exercise:
Then we are prone to colds due to body temperature changes suddenly. So, just so a warm bath after the episode. Warm water helps the body more cheery and is good therapy to the brain, help more nimble and awake in the next activity.


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