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This is the American famous dandy model Dani Mathers name

Born in 1987, Mathers Dani is a famous model and actor in the American flag. Although the height is only 1m57 modest Jav Hong Kong but Mather won the throne in May 2014 miss dandy. Although the measuring three less "towering" like many other rabbits, but she didn't give her, because all the magic.

Do this for a long time, Mathers used nude photos in sales, the United States customers naked exposure, it is very comfortable, because do you have a boyfriend, the man is very open view. When the legs are not afraid to tell you before you have nude photography naked boyfriend should be afraid of what you don't have to.

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Dani Mathers has a lot of very sexy bikinis

Dani Mathers also looked very open "new", your name is heated after interview, said he was a bit sick, sensitive, love my boyfriend gave me photos. Long legs even open your gender is the "ball" (and people). A female student at the University of Mathers had a lesbian relationship Danny in school. Two people have 7 months time, salt concentration.
In addition to noisy reputation, she had also face six months in prison, because he stole a sensitive 70 year old people in the gym. Dani Mathers for breach of privacy so that users denounced the media. After the scandal, Mather has gone through a dark day and depression. I hope you can forgive you.

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