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A lot of us are born with one or a few mark on the body. The mark on each can vary both in shape and colour. But the question is what this mark from where? Mark thought the belly, the shock of the girl when discovered "truth action" The animals "famous" screamed as mark rarely seen These strange mark make you surprised when he saw the beautiful idea that peaceful Lakes hidden danger terrifying unbelievable: both the "city of the Giants" depth 8 m 46m2 wide av 素人 underground
To date, the exact nature and causes of the mark is still subject to debate simmering in the scientific world, all agree that there are two main types of mark-mark blood vessels and reduce the pigment stain.

On the body you have the mark like this?

1. Reduce blood vessel

Another form of less known pigment color mark is "milk coffee" (by the French). This reduced form oval, Brown. This mark can grow and color rather than by age but usually does not cause health problems. However, if the stain is birthmark grew louder and the coin, you should still come to the medical facility soon to avoid the risk that is the nervous boils u.

Photo illustrations.

Although most everyone has at least one mark in a position that, even if they are not regularly seen it or used it as a beauty, the less has long been considered the mythical and mystical sign. The mark is not genetic and vary with each person. In different cultures, the mark appears on the infant's body can be a curse or a blessing omen.

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There are simple but also mark mark horror looks like this here.

Some cultures believe that a mark on the infant's expression showed the mother has strong emotional impact in the gestation period. Others said that during pregnancy, the mother touches much on a certain position prompting the children born were ingrained stain touch that form the simple or the color of the mark with the color of the food that the mother usually eats during pregnancy.

In some other cultures, they considered the less is the scar from the previous or next life related to astronomical signs. However, the issue revolves around the origin of the mark are still unanswered and need much deeper studies before scientists can give accurate conclusions about it.

Mark blood vessels, such as its name, due to a dense vascular bundles in particular irregularities in a certain location, lead to the appearance of red or purple skin on the body. Nearly half of the infants are being reduced due to capillary blood vessels relax, like Spider but the mark usually disappear within 18 months.

A reduced form of the blood vessels is also quite popular second u blood vessels. The mark has an area of small format and red like strawberry, can develop quickly in the first few months of the infant. However, this is a type of benign tumor. 90% of the u disappeared when young. In the mark type of blood vessels.

A less common form of other blood vessels not least is less red wine. These are signs of bleeding in a certain area under the skin, usually in the neck or face. This is one of the few mark recommended medical care because of the mark may become bold colors over time lead to glaucoma or muscle weakness.

2. Remove pigment

The mark is due to the pigment producing cells in amounts excessive pigment in a region of the body. Some common forms of the mark of the pigments is the mole, birthmark coffee color.

Moles can reduce normal pigment form is that people often overlook. In fact, they are the abnormalities in the cells of the pigment on the body and largely harmless. If you middle age 10-30 and prone to Mole, there is nothing unusual at all because they can appear over time as the body develops.

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