This is a good and bad sleeping erotic massage posture when you pain, shoulder pain or sore throat

We spent about 1/3 life to sleep. The quality of sleep is extremely important role in life. However, the quality of sleep in again depends directly on the sleeping posture and the work we do before going to bed.

The magazine Bright Side has statistics and give recommendations from experts on how to avoid those uncomfortable even while you sleep or choosing the proper sleeping posture with health status.

1. You suffer shoulder pain

"Shoulder pain can occur due to trauma, degenerative tissue, or the role of collisions. If you regularly suffer from chronic 素人 pain in the shoulder, you need to take measures to prevent the pain affects the body, especially at night, "said Dr. Michael Schaefer, Director of the Faculty of musculoskeletal & rehabilitation at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital said.

If you wake up with a sore shoulder, the side you need more attention to his role as the second position while sleeping.

-The best sleeping position: supine, place a thin pillow under head (a orthopedic pillows will very good for you). Get a different pillow, put it on an empty stomach and hugged it. In this posture, your role will be in the best position.

If you don't like the supine sleep then try lying on the side of the shoulder doesn't hurt, legs a bit up the chest and placed a pillow between the knees.


-Avoid sleeping posture: lying (as located on the side of the shoulder pain) or prone as this will cause shoulder dislocations and painful condition. You should not put your hand under the head as this will create an unnatural position for the role.

2. do you suffer from back pain

Health experts believe that people who get in trouble about sleep well often have problems with back pain condition. "Insomnia is considered to affect mood and perception makes you feel the pain even worse," said Dr. Santhosh Thomas-c spine specialist at the Cleveland Clinic and is the Medical Director of the Medical Center Professor Richard e. Jacobs in Avon , Ohio, said.

If you suffer from back pain, maintain the normal curve of the spine is very important. In addition to paying attention to the sleeping posture, you should check to see if your mattress is too soft, you need to replace a new cushion.

-The best sleeping position: supine. Put a pillow (or a thin fold scarves) below the knee to help keep the curve of the spine in a natural way and reduce the stress in your veins. B

If you're familiar prone, place a pillow under the belly and pelvis to the back not to be moving forward.

If you like lying when sleeping, the best you should lie in the fetal position, i.e. legs up a bit toward the chest, hold for curved back naturally. Place a small pillow between the knees, this can help you alleviate stress on your lower back.

-Avoid sleeping posture: Avoid prone with knee too high as this will not be the natural bent back and you will be very tired after sleeping back up.

3. You get neck pain

According to Dr. Andrew State Orthopaedic Department in the Cleveland Clinic Center for Integrative Medicine, sore, stiff neck was the result of weakening of the muscles in the neck, or do we have the inappropriate posture. When your neck muscles become weak and you try to turn your head back, joints no longer moves smoothly as it now out of position. Anyone can suffer from neck pain, the fixtures frequently have to sit and look at the computer for hours.

Just like your neck, back pain should be supported while you sleep to avoid the pain of fatigue and injury may occur.

-The best sleeping position: supine with a pillow under the head and a pillow under each arm is the optimal choice. Those with health problems in the neck pillow to choose more carefully, it's best to choose pillows have shaped the posture of the body.

If you like lying when sleeping, avoid select too high pillow. An ideal pillow will have a height of not more than 15 cm and width of shoulder fit to help keep the neck into the correct position.

-Avoid sleeping posture: lying face down. Sleeping all night in this posture will make your head is turned to one side. Despite the constant changes, you still will make the muscles in the neck under stress. In case you still want to sleep prone should thin pillow is possible.

4. You were snoring

"Snoring is bad way to breathe. It happens in the nose or in the back of your throat. Some men were snoring because they have redundant tissue of the nose and throat. Others have been more vibration in soft tissues when breathed, "Dr. Sanjay Patel, a specialist in sleep disorders at the Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

These are good sleeping posture and not good for the when you suffer from back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain-Photo 4.
If you suffer on sleep, select pillow carefully. Too soft can make your head tilts back and snore a lot more. Should use an extra pillow to elevate the head, preventing the blades drop into the throat of gravity near the trachea — causing you to snore.

-Good sleeping posture: lying with his head in a natural position. This posture will restrict the flow of air into the throat should be status reduced snoring.

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