This year but want to "baby", then remember erotic lesbians this phase drink water regularly

Both spouses the same drink as we increase efficiency of conception than that! Screening has identified the right time to have the ability to conceive the most high? Extreme rare cases: pregnant Mom continues to conceive during ovulation, so the "relationship" is easy to conceive the most?

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In Oriental medicine have a term called the uterus conditioning, this is the underlying causes hindering conception, prompting many couples unable to have children. If you are diagnosed as such, or are intending born baby, here is an extremely good tea, help nurture a healthy uterus and increase the likelihood of successful conception.


-15 left long labels;

-30 red apples;

-1 handful run;

-Brown sugar.

This year that want to have the baby, then remember this kind of water phase frequently drink-Photo 1.
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Cook about 1 litre of boiling water. After washing, put the ingredients into the pot of water is boiling. Lowered medium, Cook more about 15-20 minutes and turn off the fire. For or not for brown sugar, season to taste.

The combination of 3 types of materials on the tonic effects of blood gases, health supplements, increases blood circulation, just good for men's reproductive health, just good for diseases of the uterus in females. A little tip when preparing red apples, you remember a guy wants a knife vertical lines between the Apple, to the boiling cooking up, Apple can hatch out and secreted out of the tonic. Those who suffer insomnia can also drink a cup of this tea in the evening, will see improvement.

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